Current situation summary

By Hispania Nuts - 07/11/2019

Good afternoon, We are pleased to share this information with you to try to shed some light, or at least try to do so, on ... Leer más

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Spanish market

By Hispania Nuts - 07/03/2019

The harvest in Spain is in a similar situation to the American one. There is very little available for the ... Leer más

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American Shipment May 2019

By Hispania Nuts - 07/03/2019

After the latest shipment data received, a very positive data of +12.9%, very good export data and a very good ... Leer más

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Market Trends

By Hispania Nuts - 07/03/2019

We have observed that one of the main reasons why the market has not tended to move in the direction of the ... Leer más

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Trip to California

By Hispania Nuts - 07/02/2019

During our trip through California we have encountered different situations depending on the area, as well as we have had different opinions ... Leer más

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